Adelaide’s sunny disposition is great for those wanting to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle, but it can be a bit of a disadvantage when all that sun speeds up the wear and tear of your outdoor furniture. Outdoor Furniture Super Store supplies furniture for the Aussie climate, and specifically for the tough summer sun that likes to burn down on South Australia.

Our affordable outdoor furniture for sale in Adelaide is designed for optimal resistance to tough weather conditions, including those baking 40 degree days that hit Adelaide. On those scorchers, keep your outdoor accessories out of sight and protected from sun damage with one of our stylish yet practical outdoor storage boxes. Our hardy and long-lasting wicker dining settings are also perfect for enjoying that South Australian sun.

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Outdoor Styling Tips from Sonia Bavistock

Sonia is a local Adelaidian, fashion lover, and homewares connoisseur. She runs the life and style blog Sonia Styling.

 What piece of outdoor furniture is the centrepiece of your backyard?
It would definitely be our outdoor setting. It’s simple, neutral and comfortable. It also tends to be the focal point when entertaining outdoors – it’s where everyone congregates. I also love the fact that it has stood the test of time and countless parties and still looks as good as the day we bought it! View Outdoor Furniture Superstore’s range of outdoor settings here.

What is your preferred outdoor style?
Modern. I think opting for a modern setting in neutral tones means you have timeless furniture that won’t look dated and unfashionable in a hurry. It also means that you have a blank canvas to inject colour and personality into with cushions, candles, pot plants and other decorative items. By having a good foundation (in this case modern furniture), you can cheaply and easily change the look of it with accessories whenever the mood – or trend – strikes you. View Outdoor Furniture Superstore’s range of modern outdoor furniture here.

What is your favourite way to entertain outdoors and how do you make it an event to remember?
When the weather is lovely, we open up our bi-fold doors which span the entire length of the back of our house, put together a platter, crack open a bottle of wine and invite our friends over. Many hours are spent around that table chatting, laughing, eating and drinking! It’s an easy, relaxed, interactive and fun way to entertain.


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Allure 11pce Ext Dining Setting