Happy Easter everybody!

Everyone has their own way of celebrating this special time of the year – but what we all have in common is that we love to spend it with our loved ones.  Whether your family be big or small, Easter often means a get-together.

But – get togethers mean a lot of work!  And who wants to stress over what should be a wonderful relaxing time?  Our tip – take your Easter outdoor this year. 

Here are 10 reasons from Outdoor Furniture SuperStore for taking your Easter celebrations outdoors this year.

Enjoy The Last Few Days of Sun

Summer may be over… but there are still a few warm days up our sleeves!  And you want to enjoy these while you can… warm autumn weather is just divine.  Plan for an easy outdoor feast to soak up that sun – and should the weather let us down, it’s always easy to move it indoors!  Unless of course… you have been shopping first at Outdoor Furniture SuperStore!  Our Euro Fireplaces can warm up even the coldest day!

Outdoor Dining is Child-friendly

Easter really is a wonderful holiday for children – who are all excited about eh Easter Bunny, and later sugared up by all that delicious chocolate.  Move the celebrations outside and they will have plenty of space to run around – and they adults will be right there to supervise them and prevent any accidents. Parents would no doubt find this less stressful!

It’s Pet-friendly Too

If family is travelling down to see you, pets might also be part of the package.  Eating outdoors helps pets get accustomed to new environments and ensures there are no little accidents inside!

Keeps it Casual and Relaxed

Preparing for a big family get-together is much less stressful if you know you are eating outside.  An outdoor meal is often a more casual one – where paper plates, plastic cutlery and easy to prepare dishes are the hero of the day!  Perhaps this could even be a barbecue, where the chef can still be outside with the guests while the meal is being cooked! A few simple salads and sides, and you are done.

It’s Easier to Clean Up

Also, no-one wants to spend Easter stuck in the kitchen cleaning up after the meal! Throw away those disposable plates and cups in minutes and sit back and relax!

Makes the Easter Egg Hunt Easier

This is a traditional part of the day, right?  The part the kids look forward to the most? How much easier will it be to watch the Easter Egg Hunt if the whole day is spent outdoors.  This means, the hunt can continue long into the afternoon until all the little eggs are found.

Easy to cater for large groups outside

Catering for large groups is much easier in a relaxed setting outdoors.  Indoors, you are limited by the size of your dining table.  Outdoors, you can all sit around the outdoor setting, or enjoy the meal on your lap, using the outdoor table as a serving station.

Outdoor Furniture SuperStore stocks settings for up to eight people – from the convenient and easy to care-for Bondi dining setting, to the more luxurious Manly 9 Piece wicker setting, there will be a table and chairs to support you. 

Have a party of more than 8?  Just grab a few extras outdoor chairs from our range.  Some are more luxurious lounge chairs, and others can be easily stacked away and stored until the next outdoor party!

Family style eating brings everyone together

There is nothing like family-style eating to bring the family together.  Serve food in large bowls and watch everyone come together to share in it.  Eating together in this way promotes conversation and healthy family bonds. 

Outdoors works at any time of day

Throw up a few lights, and your outdoor area can host a party at any time of day.  So if you have the family for an Easter breakfast or even dinner, any time of day works outdoors.

Embrace the Natural Mood Booster that is Fresh Air

There really is nothing like fresh air is there?  Research tells us that eating outdoors promotes better mental and physical health – especially if our work has us stuck indoors for much of the week.  Now who can argue with Science?

The whole team at Outdoor Furniture SuperStore wishes you and your loved ones a very happy and safe Easter break.  Enjoy the time together!

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