Outdoor furniture is most vulnerable to the constantly changing weather conditions. The rain, snow, and even extreme heat, all can damage your outdoor furniture. Covering your patio furniture with proper outdoor furniture covers is the best option to protect them from getting damaged. You need to consider few important things while selecting the best outdoor furniture covers.

Using Breathable Fabric

The fabric of the covers plays an important role here. The fabric needs to be breathable, yet protective. Breathable fabric helps the airflow in and out and thus avoiding moisture to get trapped, which can damage your furniture. Alternatively, having covered with ventilation flaps that can be opened or closed as required is also an effective means of reducing any moisture build-up.

Water Resistant Covers

Ideally, the fabric of all outdoor furniture covers should be water-resistant. Wooden outdoor furniture is most susceptible to getting damaged due to water. Water damage can reduce the life of outdoor furniture drastically. Hence, using a suitable cover is very important.

Intricate Detailing

Outdoor furniture covers should have cleanly sewn seams and crisp corners. This shows that extra care was taken while designing the covers. Some of the covers even have zippers or straps to make it easier to cover every single part of the furniture. These covers should also look attractive thus enhancing the beauty of your gardens. Intricate details in the cover symbolize solid craftsmanship.

 Well-fitting covers

Outdoor furniture covers should fit properly. You should take care to choose the right size and style for your chairs and tables so that it can cover and protect the entire exposed surface. Loose-fitting covers may leave your furniture exposed to dust, heat, and rain.

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