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Got a small outdoor space?  Perhaps you just have a balcony or a small little paved nook in your garden… with the right advice and the right outdoor setting, you can turn even a small space into an outdoor haven! 

Here are a few steps to follow to make sure you can enjoy the outdoors, even if space is at a premium:

Select the Right Outdoor Setting

The most important decision you will make about your outdoor area is the outdoor setting. Not only does it have to suit you in terms of comfort and function, it needs to fit and complement the space that you have.Take careful measurements of your outdoor space before coming in to look at our range. 

Corner lounges can be a great way to save space if you simply like to relax outside in comfort. If you have a really small area such as a balcony but love to eat outdoors, consider our range of outdoor dining settings for two or four.  You might also consider two of our beautiful outdoor lounge chairs.  Accompanied by a small table, this creates a comfortable, chic area for relaxing, reading or sipping a glass of wine.  Acapulco chairs make great little settings, or two of these beautiful Hayman Outdoor Wicker Chairs lend any area a casual elegance.

Accessorize Effectively

Effective accessorizing personalizes your space and helps make it cosy and inviting. With a small space, you need to be a little bit conservative.  Keep the colour scheme simple – choose accessories in a similar palette or stick to basic black and white. Too many colours will overwhelm a small space.

Also remember some of the tricks for indoor decorating too!  Mirrors work wonders in small rooms in the home, and reflective surfaces work just as well outdoors, reflecting the light and giving the illusion of more greenery by reflecting the surrounding yard.

Get Rid Of Clutter

Clutter never leads to a relaxing environment, and makes a small space look shabby and hectic. Invest in some outdoor storage boxes so it doesn’t get cluttered.  Then all you need to do is train the family to put things away!

Create Controlled Greenery

Every outdoor area needs a bit of greenery, but this can be challenging if you are in an apartment or have a very small yard. But the right greenery can actually create the illusion of space if you place it strategically in corners and don’t overload the space.

Invest in some pots or outdoor planters that will allow you to add some colour to your outdoor area.  If you are really pushed for space, follow the latest gardening trend by establishing a vertical greenery – where you transform a wall of your area into a garden through careful potting.  Google it or check it out on Pinterest.

Invest in Some Shade

Add a large umbrella to your outdoor haven to give you some shade.  Any uncovered area is hard to use in the heat or the cold, so an umbrella is a cheap and practical way to make the most of the space you have – all year round!

For the best advice and the right price, come on down to Outdoor Furniture Superstore. Our showroom is conveniently located on Maroondah Highway in Mitcham, and we have a great selection of outdoor settings in any size and shape, as well as a beautiful variety of outdoor accessories.  Chat to our friendly staff about your outdoor space, and we’ll find the right answers for you!


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