Timber outdoor furniture remains one of the most popular choices amongst our customers – and for good reason.  Timber is stylish, solid and if you look after it, will be an asset for you and your family for years to come. 

However, it is not the choice for people who do not want to invest in it.  Timber outdoor furniture takes work and upkeep in order for it to continue to look it’s best.

So if you are interested in our excellent range of outdoor timber furniture – make sure you know how to look after it.

Right now, your outdoor setting is probably seeing lots of use.  Barbecues, brunches and just spending time in rhe sun – your outdoor setting is really being appreciated in summer.  But what about those cooler months?  If you have a timber setting you should invest in a cover to keep the setting clean and safe from wear in the winter months. 

Even when it is in storage, it will need regularly cleaning to ensure no damage is caused by a build up of dirt or insects.  This is the secret to keeping it looking so good – regular cleaning.  Hose down your timber outdoor table 3 – 4 time per year and dry it thoroughly.  You might also like to use a proper timber outdoor furniture cleaner and a scrubbing brush to really get the surface clean.

After it is completely dry, you need to oil your outdoor timber setting. This stops the wood from getting dry and cracking or peeling.  You can do this with a rag or with a spray bottle.  Really saturate the wood and let the oil soak in.  It only takes about ten minutes and is critical to preserving your setting.  If you already have a setting that hasn’t been oiled recently and is starting to discolour, sand back the top layer and oil once again.  You will be thrilled with the difference!

This is also a good chance to inspect the setting for loose screws and fittings. If one of the joints comes apart the wood could be damaged – so stay on top of anything loose.

Timber outdoor settings are a classic – you know they will never go out of style.  So make sure yours is around for as long as you want it to be.  These few tips will help you prolong the life of your outdoor setting, and having it look as good as the day you bought it from us!

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