Different Types of Wood for Outdoor Tables.

Wood is the most common and popular raw material used for making outdoor living furniture. Being a natural beauty, it offers a sturdy foundation for the making of outdoor tables. There is a variety of hardwood by which outdoor furniture can be made.

So, below are the different types of hardwood available for making outdoor tables


Teak is a common choice by homeowners for outdoor tables. The prices of teak wood have surged because of its high demand and limited availability. Because of its various characteristics, it is an ideal choice for outdoor tables. It is easy to maintain and can last for about fifty years.


Being an Australian hardwood, it has the second-most popularity after teak and can also last longer. It is cheaper than teak and can fit in your budget for making outdoor tables. With a rustic appeal, this wood can be the best addition to your house in the form of outdoor tables.

Kwila / Merbau

Kwila or Merbau is known for its durability. The durability is attributable to its natural oils, which allows it to endure harsh temperatures and climates, saltwater and other extreme conditions. This means that it can withstand outdoor use as well making it a perfect product for your outdoor timber furniture.

Merbau is quite an oily timber which makes it quite efficient for outdoor furniture & amp; decking. Tannin, Kwila’s natural oil, actually helps prevent the timber from cracking or splitting.This is what gives it that added strength, which in turn, results in greater usability and durability.

There are other hardwoods which have similar attributes of teak available at cheaper costs. Though they can possess other drawbacks which may not be suitable for outdoor tables. If you have some more questions, feel free to call us.

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