enjoying the benefits of a sun lounge

Autumn can be a strange time of year when it comes to enjoying the outdoors.  The days of continuous heat are gone, but we still have the occasionally lovely day when the sun peaks out from behind the clouds and warms us all.  So when it does, it’s even more important to get out there and enjoy some Vitamin D!

But perhaps your outdoor setting is now covered up, fearing that rain will rust the metal or damage the wood? The solution to autumn sunbathing… a sunlounge!

The humble sunlounge really is one of the most versatile pieces of outdoor furniture you can have, and certainly the most portable.  As a special feature for Autumn, here are ten things you can do with a sunlounge, to ensure you make the most of those sunny autumn days!


Well, we know this is obvious!

If you are a sun-lover, there is nothing like just sitting in the peace and quiet soaking up the rays.  Slap on some sunscreen and you have an afternoon of quiet bliss in your own backyard.


If the sun is out, and a great book or newspaper or magazine is calling, why ditch the dining table or living room and read in the sun?  This is also a great way to encourage children to spend time outdoors, and to have a bit of ‘me’ time while you are supervising them playing.

Use the Pool Area

If you have a pool, no doubt the sunlounge was dragged poolside many times this summer.  But don’t forget to keep using it on those days when the temperature gets high enough to appreciate a dip.  There is nothing like drying off in the sun after a quick afternoon swim.  Slap your towel down on the sunlounge, and imagine yourself in a tropical oasis.


Don’t have a pool of your own?  Get out to the beach when the weather is warm on weekends.  The best thing about the sunlounge is that it is so portable.  Throw it in the back of the car (or two, or three depending on the size of your family) and head down to the waves.  Enjoy a lie in the sun,  fish and chips or building sandcastles.  You’ll be so much more comfortable on your sunlounge than you will lying on a towel on the ground.

Take it Out for a Picnic

Picnics always sound like a wonderful idea – until you realise how uncomfortable it can be to sit on the ground.  Make your picnic instantly classier and more comfortable by bringing along a couple of sunlounges. You can enjoy the outdoors in comfort and style, whether you are by the water, in a park or garden or even in your own backyard.


Really want to earn some brownie points with your partner?  Why not offer them a lovely massage at the end of a long day.  The best makeshift massage table – your sunlounge!

An Evening for Two – With a Twist

If it’s date night, and you’ve been to all the local restaurants and are too tired to make your way into the city for an adventure, how about a relaxing night in?  Grab a bottle of champagne and some nibbles, sit on your sunlounges and watch the sunset.  

A Classic Girls Afternoon

Inviting the ladies around for tea?  Why not really relax by putting your feet up and having a chat outside on the sunlounges.  It will be a lovely relaxing surprise for your guests. 

Curl Up With the Kids

Need some quality time with the kids?  How about curling up together on a warm afternoon on your sunlounge.  Take a few books or simple toys and enjoy the rays together.  Fortunately, the great sunlounges available at Outdoor Furniture SuperStore can easily fit you and the little person in your life.

Have a Nap

It’s Sunday afternoon… and you just can’t keep your eyes open.  Why not enjoy a warm nap in the sun?  Take the newspaper out with you, but give yourself permission for 20 minutes of blissful shut-eye.  Remember the sunscreen and even a hat (a great way to shade your face!).

Sitting up or lying down, your sunlounge will help you make the most of the good weather that is left before winter really sets in.  Check out our range online here, or visit Outdoor Furniture SuperStore in Mitcham to see the whole range.

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