Portofino 9 Piece Dining Setting


Although many things change and trends come and go in regards to outdoor furniture, the classics always remain a reliable and beautiful choice.  And there is nothing more classic than beautiful wooden outdoor furniture.  But not just any wood – teak is absolutely the best choice when it comes to quality outdoor entertaining.

For that lovely natural wood-grain and modern styling, check out our range of teak outdoor furniture at Outdoor Furniture Superstore.

Nothing goes as well in the outdoors as wood.  It blends in so beautifully with any garden and is hardy too.  What is even better about our range of teak outdoor furniture is that it is often combined with lightweight aluminium.  This gives these dining settings a number of additional benefits.

Firstly, aluminium adds to a sleek modern look.  Check out how well this combination works in our Portofino 9-Piece Dining Setting.

Secondly, it adds to the hardiness of your setting.  Any timber is going to weather well in the Australian climate – but it does need regular oiling to maintain the appearance and health of the wood.  Aluminium just needs a wipe down from time to time – making it even easier to get down to the business of relaxing outdoors.

Thirdly, aluminium is incredibly lightweight, which is perfect if your family tends to move around your outdoor furniture a lot.  It may be to catch or escape the sun, or just to create smaller, cosier areas in which to chat with family and friends – moving your outdoor furniture could not be easier with aluminium.  It is also great for extra chairs or bench seating – you wont need an army of lifters to prepare for a big event in your backyard!  Just grab a few extra chairs from the range and stack them easily in your garage.  The Newport Teak Chair and the Bar Chair from the same range are great options and easy to pull out when extra guests turn up.

Whether you need a small setting for two or four, or a larger setting for eight, we have the right teak outdoor dining setting for you. We also have a great range of on-trend bar settings for casual drinks and tapas on the weekend.  However you like to entertain, choosing teak will be a decision you wont regret.  You also won’t regret shopping at Outdoor Furniture Superstore.  Our friendly staff at the showroom at 670 Maroondah Highway, Mitcham will give you expert advice and you will be able to see the whole range – including a mountain of stylish accessories to really make your outdoor space your own.  See you there soon!


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