Gone are the days where children play outside all day, returning indoors with groans as the sun goes down and dinner is about to be on the table.  Sadly, today it is all about computer games and movies – activities that keep them passive and indoors even when the sun is shining.

If this isn’t what you want every day for your children, consider putting some work into your outdoor area to ensure that it is an inviting and entertaining place for active play, or just to soak up some Vitamin D!

Here are four tips for an outdoor space that will be irresistible to the younger members of your family. 

Play Equipment

Investing is some play equipment is a great way to encourage younger children into the outdoors.  Whether it be a cubby house, a swing set or a sand pit – if you build it, they will come.  There is always an activity to be had with play equipment on hand, and always a reason to invite friends over.  This puts good habits in place and  encourages a natural enjoyment of being outdoors at a young age.

A Place to Sit Undercover

A comfortable outdoor setting is a must for getting children outdoors.  Your outdoor table is a great place for drawing, simple cooking, craft and games. As long as they are comfortable, they can be out in the fresh air doing a variety of activities.   Choose a material that is easy to keep clean from our extensive range.

Teenagers can grab some sunshine doing their homework and assigned reading – at Outdoor Furniture Superstore we have a range of outdoor lounges that are hard to resist!

Outdoor Storage

Keeping a stock of outdoor toys handy is a great idea.  There are certain kinds of toys that children can only play with outside.  All you need is a storage solution – something that ensures you have plenty of toys, but none of the mess!  Check out our Outdoor Storage Boxes – these not only allow for a tidy outdoor area, but match in with your outdoor setting, so they keep the overall feel and design of your outdoor space.  They also hold up to 150kg.  Stylish and practical!

These outdoor storage boxes are so spacious that they can store a variety of sporting equipment – balls, bats, skateboards and more. This will get those older children out into the sunshine!

Gardening Projects

Getting younger children involved in the garden teaches them respect and appreciation for all things natural, and is a hobby they can continue to grow into.

Invest in a little vegie patch – it’s another way to get children to eat their greens!  Who doesn’t want to try vegies they have grown themselves?  Younger children can play with barbies or action figures in home-made fairy gardens or safari parks, and teenagers may be tempted with a cactus garden or even the challenge of growing bonsai.

While it may be a little work to unplug young people from technology these days, the results are well worth it.  Some effort on your part, and some help from Outdoor Furniture Superstore and you can ensure that your back yard is the place to be.

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