There is no day like that one day in September, when we all gather around to watch the national game.  Even if your team isn’t playing, we’re all invested in the outcome. Traditional rivalries abound and even the best of friends can play enemies for the day.

If it’s your turn to host this year, scrub off the outdoor setting and read our tips to help make a great Grand Final Day Party.  Follow these in advance and you’ll be able to just sit back and enjoy the day.


This isn’t the day for fancy meals – this is a day for finger food and anything easy to eat while we are glued to the screen.  Fire up the barbecue before the match and serve up sausages in bread with onions and tomato sauce as the match begins.  A few salads and maybe some chicken wings and you have the perfect Grand Final spread.

After the barbecue, its all about chips and dips – anything to munch on to stop us biting our nails as the ball sails through the goals.

And let’s not forget the drinks.  Ask everyone to bring their own to cut down costs and invest in ice buckets to keep it cool – even in the most heated moments.


A few simple decorations get everyone in the spirit of grand final day.  The traditional poster from the Herald Sun, some balloons and AFL merchandise will really set the mood.

Disposable Everything (And Easy Access to the Bin)

The last thing you want to have to do on the big day is to clean dishes.  Get set with easy disposable plates, cups and cutlery that everyone can use in the outdoors.  It’s far easier to eat off your lap with these than with proper plates anyway. Have easy access to a bin and clean up will be a breeze.

Access to the Game

Let’s face it – you’ll want to be outdoors in the sunshine on Grand Final Day. The kids might want to kick the footy around, and you’ll no doubt want to enjoy the space that outdoor entertaining brings. But you’ll also want to watch the game…. What a dilemma!  If you can’t hook up your television outside, get yourself a projector and set it up outdoors. Then you’ll have a Grand Final Party that your friends and family will be talking about for years to come.  


Other than the game itself, seating is the most important thing of the day.  You need to have enough seats to cater for everyone, and they need to be comfortable enough to make hours of game-watching a breeze.

While many choose outdoor dining settings as a default, the most comfortable seating we stock is actually outdoor lounges.   At Outdoor Furniture Superstore we have space-saving corner suites that allow the whole family to sit and watch in one place.  Choose our Brighton Corner Suite and have the flexibility of moving the individual pieces around to suit any get together.

Inviting people around to watch the game is a breeze if you are prepared.  If you think it’s time to update your outdoor setting, visit Outdoor Furniture Superstore for the highest quality outdoor settings at affordable prices.

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