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There was this time when I moved into my new flat in Sydney. I was adamant about moving in quickly, so I had my family and friends over to help me out. We worked for hours, sliding the awkwardly-shaped sofa up two flights of stairs. But after we got it up, it just didn’t fit through the door! So, we had to spend the next few days hammering in nails, white-gloving the walls, and finally moving it over the last three steps so we could get it into our place.

And don’t even talk about how I got the furniture to my current house in the first place! There was no strategy whatsoever, no lifting technique, and I was WAY underpowered if you know what I mean. As a result, many fragile items were broken, I injured myself, and all my spare time was spent moving.

Favourably, I learned that “being unprepared” is perhaps the biggest inhibitor to moving furniture, followed by an ever-dominating DIY ideology. A concrete and comprehensive “plan” is, therefore, a must — one that transforms “the most frustrating practice” into “the most rewarding experience.”

More importantly, you must have the means to carry out your plan. You may be a pro at packing things, you may be a master at jigsaw puzzles, but if you don’t have the right equipment (and resources), go ahead and call it a day. This isn’t to imply that you won’t be able to move your belongings. But to do so competently, you’ll have to go the extra mile.

Moving Your Furniture

moving your furniture

recent analysis by the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed that more than 360,000 people move interstate every year (368,700 in 2020). So, you aren’t alone trying to channel your way through intricacies.

Besides, you’d undoubtedly welcome the thought that it’s not that complicated to move furniture from one place to another — but it can be a bit of an ordeal if you don’t have the know-how, the right tools or enough hands on deck. Whether you’re moving your furniture locally, interstate, or even internationally, you need to have both a good checklist and an inch-perfect method of execution in place.

In addition, you have to have clarity over whether you prefer to move the furniture yourself or you want to hire professional removalists and moving companies to sort things out for you. The choice between the aforementioned is a tad objective since “moving it yourself” could invite many risks — both cost- and time-wise (not to forget that you may get hurt in the process).

Instead, when you’re hiring people to do it for you (either through movers or by renting a truck), you’ll not only get the job done quickly but also prevent damage to your furniture. Interstate removalists, for instance, are adept at squeezing your furniture through tight spaces — the doorways, stairwells, and elevators — that a DIY operation may overlook — all while preventing any damage to your belongings. And, they certainly know how to take it from Perth to Sydney (Just Saying).

However, some scenarios might not entail the help of professionals. Maybe you’re moving across the street and deem it fit to handle it yourself, and understandably so. Or perhaps, the furniture isn’t heavy after all. To that end, it’s essential that you keep track of the basic moving techniques — another facet that this guide comprehensively touches upon.

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