Many people choose corner suites for their lounge rooms as a great way of creating community and saving space.  But is the corner suite the right choice for your outdoor area?

Outdoor corner suites are ideal for bigger outdoor spaces and actually offer you more options outdoors than they do within your home. 

Great for Entertaining

Our corner suites are the ultimate comfort in your outdoor area. Why have a table and chairs if you can lounge? 

Corner suites fit neatly into one corner of your outdoor area, allowing lots of space for kids to run around and play.  You decide how to utilise the extra space a corner suite provides – you might even fit that spa in under cover after all!

If you entertain often and need a lot of seating for family and friends, a corner suite gives you the most spaces for seating.

The Peninsula 7-Piece Outdoor Modular Lounge is ideal for creating a relaxing entertaining space. Peninsula Outdoor 7 Piece Outdoor Modular Lounge


You might also consider the Nepean 7-Piece Dark Chocolate Outdoor Modular Lounge.

Nepean 7 Piece Outdoor Modular Lounge


This range also comes with a variety of matching pieces including coffee tables.

Flexible Arrangement

Many of our corner suits are modular, meaning that they come in separate pieces than can be moved around to suit your entertaining needs.  Need a more traditional set-up?  No problem.  Our modular suites can create a variety of different layouts with just a few simple moves. Each piece is fitted with joining clips that allow you to lock individual pieces into position. Get the guys at Outdoor Furniture Superstore to show you how easy it is to move these around.  

If flexibility is what you are after, the stylish Hayman 7-Piece Modular Setting may just be the choice for you.  

Most of our corner and modular suites are constructed of hardy wicker rattan which is durable in sun and rain.  The luxurious cushioning is both weatherproof and machine-washable, meaning that looking after your new corner suite is a breeze. 

Think a corner suite might be for you? First, ensure your space can take a large corner suite.  Do careful measurements of your area and then come in and visit Outdoor Furniture Superstore in Mitcham and bring your tape measure.  Have a look at our exceptional range and talk to any of our experts on the floor about what is best for you.  Come on down any time!

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