So… summer is finally gone.  While we may still have a few warm days ahead, sooner or later that weather is going to turn.  You’ll be looking longingly at your outdoor table ad thinking of those warm summer days spent in the sunshine with family and friends.  Maybe you were watching children play, maybe you were sipping wine… the outdoor setting was indispensible, a crucial part of your summer.

As the weather changes, spare a thought for that outdoor table.  It has served you well during the summer days, now it is your turn to take care of it.  While all outdoor furniture stocked by Outdoor Furniture SuperStore is the highest quality in terms of materials and design, there are some materials that naturally will be more affected by rain and cold than.  This is particularly true for timber furniture – the wood really needs to be protected from the elements, especially if you see your outdoor setting – as you should – as a long-term investment. 

It isn’t enough just to keep your outdoor setting under cover in the winter months –invest in a good quality furniture cover that will protect it from the rain when not it use.  The cover will also assist to keep your furniture clean, making it easier to bring in back into use when the sun starts shining again. Dirt can cause just as much damage as rain can!

Make sure you give your outdoor setting a good clean before covering it up for the winter. Start by giving it a hose down.  If yours is a timber setting, follow with a good scrub with timber furniture cleaner.  It’s also a good idea to oil your wooden setting before storing it.  This will ensure the timber keeps its glorious natural colour.

This is also a good time to wash any outdoor cushions and to spot clean your outdoor umbrella.  You can find some great tips for these jobs on our website here. Whilst not in use in the winter months, these should be stored in a clean dry place.

Check out our range of outdoor furniture covers on the Outdoor Furniture SuperStore website today – you can trust our expert knowledge and our quality range of products.



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