Picking the Right Sun Lounge for Summers.

Sun lounges can be the best to make the most of the summer at your home. They can be the ideal choice to get tan and relax in the sun. You can find a variety of designs, styles in sun loungers. A wide range in this sun lounge can be confusing while buying one.

Fixed Structure or Folded Structure?

Fixed structures have more advantages as compared to folded one only if space is not a constraint. Although fixed structures occupy more amount of space, they are more solid as compared to the foldable one. Folded structures have a greater number of joints to fold and it thus weakens the framework. Fixed structures are also comfortable and spacious. The main disadvantage of this type of sun lounge is that, it is very difficult once put in a place and if you decide to move in future.

Material to be used:

You can find plenty of options when it comes to the type of material for the sun lounger. Wood, natural fibres, synthetic fibres and aluminium being the most common.

While selecting wooden outdoor furniture you need to consider its capability of withstanding the action of the sun and moisture. Teak wood is one of the best options due to its tropical provenance- durability and soft touch. Acacia is an alternative to teak as it is durable against fungi and dirt.

If you are looking for a lighter, durable and pocket-friendly option aluminium is the answer. Aluminium structures being light in weight can be easily moved from one place to another. You can paint your sun lounge in any desired colours. They are also corrosion-free and sustain extreme heat and moisture.

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