Start prepping your outdoor area for summer!

Wow – summer has come early in October this year!  Its back to weekends spent out in the sun, enjoying the garden that has sprung back to life with the company of family and friends. 

On that first beautiful day that you have company coming over, you don’t want to be wasting your time preparing your outdoor area again for regular use.  Now is a great time to get those dirty jobs out of the way – and here are some tips to make it easier than you expect.

Prepare the Surface

Clean down the patio floor with a high-powered hose or similar.  Then follow with a good sweep.  This makes for a clean surface for your outdoor setting to go on to. It’s much easier to get this out of the way before you begin to unpack and uncover your outdoor setting.

Clean your Barbecue

Your barbecue is going to be in demand once again, as the easiest way to cater for friends and family. And no piece of meat ever tastes as good as when it is barbecued! Give it a good scrub and make sure it’s ready for that first day when you can eat outdoors.

Give the Garden a Trim

Clip any bushes that have been growing out of control and are coming in on your outdoor area.  Make sure you keep the new spring growth though!

Uncover and Clean Your Outdoor Setting

If you’ve been organised, your outdoor setting is already covered over to protect it from dirt and rain.  Simply uncover it and restore it to its usual pride of place.  Make sure you give it a good clean with a soft broom and a hose to get rid of any dust and grime.  This technique will do most outdoor settings but if you are unsure, check out our tips for caring for outdoor furniture here.

Consider Freshening Up Your Outdoor Accessories

What sort of condition are your outdoor accessories in?  They might also need a good wash or wipe down.  Cushions in particular are not made to withstand long hours or sunlight or rain.  If your accessories aren’t salvageable, consider taking a look at our range to brighten up your area – or just to change your look for a new season!

We’ve got a brand new range of outdoor furniture that is sure to inspire you.  Keep an eye out on the website or visit us at 670 Maroondah Highway in Mitcham to see for yourself.


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