The sun is shining right now, and I bet you are thinking to yourself – I should be outside!  That’s the beauty of a great outdoor area at home – you can enjoy this beautiful weather any time.  Whether you have a big sprawling family setting under a pergola, comfy couches like these for everyday relaxing or a quiet, intimate little setting for two on a balcony, make use of every opportunity to soak up some Vitamin D.

Need more excuses to get outside?  Here are seven ways to make the most of your outdoor area – and your outdoor setting.

Take Your Breakfast Outdoors on Weekdays

Too often breakfast is a quick smoothie or breakfast bar as you run out the door.  Getting up 20 minutes earlier allows you to make breakfast an enjoyable time, a space to either quietly gather your thoughts as you start the day, or to begin the day with conversation with those you love.  

And doesn’t bacon and eggs or fresh fruit sound so much better than that quickie breakfast?  Even if you only did it once or twice a week, starting the day with a little sunshine at your outdoor table is a pleasant change of pace.

Take Afternoon Playtime Outdoors

If you have kids, make a mandatory outdoor playtime.  Whether young or older, make sure children spend a percentage of their day outdoors in the fresh air.  They could be playing in the yard with friends or doing drawings, homework or other projects on the outdoor table.  This is refreshing, relaxing time that doesn’t involve television or computers!

Embrace a High Tea

If you want to make someone feel very spoilt, how about inviting them over for high tea?  Scones, little cakes and tea in lovely teacups are on the menu.   It’s a bit fancier than a cuppa and some Tim Tams.  You’ll love how they react to your pretty outdoor set up – it just makes it all a little bit special and separates it from the everyday cuppa in the kitchen.

Re-Instate Cocktail Hour

On a Friday night, there is nothing like a quiet drink to wind down from the week.  Inside, you have cleaning to do or work to catch up on. In your outdoor area, there is nothing to do but enjoy the cool breeze as the sun goes down.  Make it a glass of wine for two or a pitcher of margaritas for a few workmates…. Cocktail hour is a great way to start off the weekend.

Do Saturday Brunch at Home

If you like brunch, why not host it at home?  It’s cheaper and you are guaranteed the best table!  Make a big stack of pancakes, bacon and eggs or try a new recipe each week.  Invite friends or family over and make a great start to the weekend.

Take the Time To Enjoy the Sunday Papers

Reading the Sunday paper is a ritual.  Some do it in bed, others across the kitchen table.  Why not spread it across your outdoor setting instead?  Get some sun first thing on a Sunday morning.

Do the Summer Version of the Sunday Roast Dinner

While the Sunday roast is a great traditional family get together – it’s starting to get too hot to be cooking roasts. How about swapping it for a barbeque instead?  They are easier to organise and much more enjoyable in the warmer weather.  Take the whole family outdoors – chops and sausages never taste as good as when they are done on a barbie.

If you don’t want to give up that roast – why not cook it in your barbecue instead? It will keep the house cooler and gets you out of the kitchen and into the nice cool breeze.

You’ll be amazed by how much the right outdoor setting allows you to enjoy your backyard in spring and summer.  Come by Outdoor Furniture Superstore in Mitcham, see our range and talk to the experts about what is right for you.

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