Outdood Planter Boxes


At Outdoor Furniture Superstore, we have the best range of products to help you get out and enjoy some quality time with family and friends in your outdoor area. 

Not only do we stock high quality, affordable outdoor dining and lounge settings, we also have a great range of accessories.

Accessories really help to make your outdoor area feel homely and warm.  They can also add to the comfort of your experience. 

These are our most popular outdoor accessories:

Outdoor Cushions

By far our most popular accessory, the outdoor cushion adds colour to your outdoor area and also enhances your relaxation.

Made from waterproof materials, our outdoor cushions are weather-proof and mould resistant, meaning that a quick spin in the washing machine and they will look as good as new. 

In our showroom you will see a wide range of patterned and plain cushions in a variety of colours.

Outdoor Planter Boxes

Planter boxes are a great way to bring in more green to your outdoor entertaining area – especially on balconies or decks. 

Available in a variety of styles and colours, grab a matching set of outdoor planter boxes today to ensure your area looks lush and sophisticated

Outdoor Storage Boxes

Clutter never creates a relaxing space – and there is nothing more embarrassing than leading unexpected guests outdoors to sit in the sun and being met with piles of children’s toys, games and sporting equipment. 

An outdoor storage box gives you a place to hide all those things that – while messy – are crucial to us enjoying our time outdoors.  Our boxes also double as extra seating when unexpected guests arrive! Throw a few cushions on top and everyone can relax!

Outdoor Umbrellas

An outdoor umbrella helps you get the most out of your outdoor area all year round.  They also add a pop of colour to your outdoor area.

Made of weather resistant material, ensure you grab a nice strong base as well to keep the umbrella firmly in place when the weather gets windy.

Outdoor Covers

Although not a decorative feature, an outdoor cover really helps extend the lifetime of your outdoor setting, and makes your life much easier.  Keeping the setting clean and dry means that you have to spend less time cleaning it!  So it is that much easier to get back to relaxing outdoors.

The best way to see our full range of stylish and practical accessories is to visit our showroom on Maroondah Highway in Mitcham.  With great advice and the right price, you’ll see why so many of our customers call us the outdoor furniture specialists! 

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