Sun Lounge


A pool in your backyard is the dream of many Australians – it’s built-in fun and relaxation for the whole family.

The furniture you choose needs to reflect your lifestyle – what will you do around the pool? Laze around? Play water games? Serve meals so you can spend the whole day outdoors? Entertain children or adults?  Perhaps you will do all of the above! Whatever furniture you choose has to give you a variety of options.

A lot of people are hesitant about buying pool furniture because they worry about sun and water damage.  But the quality of outdoor furniture today – especially at Outdoor Furniture SuperStore – means that this need no longer a worry.

Here are some essential items of pool furniture that will help you really enjoy your pool as summer rolls on in!

An Aluminium Outdoor Setting

This is the perfect choice for pool areas.  Aluminium is hardy – it won’t be damaged by sun or water.  It is also light and easy to move around so you can sit under the shade or with your toes dipping into the pool if you prefer! 

Aluminium furniture could not be easier to clean – a quick wipe down is all it needs.  Occasionally wipe it down with mild soap and water – this is all the upkeep you will ever need to do!

Jazz your setting up with some outdoor cushions and you have a sensible and stylish option.  We have a huge range of aluminium settings, seating from two to eight.  No matter the size of your family, there is a table to suit you!  We also have some aluminium lounge settings like the Bella Four-Piece Sofa Setting that combine practicality with luxury and comfort. This is definitely one you should come in and have a look at in store today.

The Sun Lounge

Nothing is as good as sitting back on a sun lounge right by your own pool. We have a terrific range of sun lounges at Outdoor Furniture SuperStore.  The Quest Sun Lounge even comes on wheels so it can easily be manoeuvred to the best spot in the sun!

If you really want the ultimate in luxury and relation by the pool, check out our hanging egg chairs as well as the Bondi Day Bed.   Look out though!  These are so comfortable, you might never go inside again!

Outdoor Umbrella

An umbrella not only adds colour to your outdoor living space, but also allows you to create shade wherever you need it.  This is great in a pool area, where your furniture needs to be portable.

Storage Boxes

There are so many great pool toys out there – but what do you do with them when they are not in use?   Look at our great range of storage boxes. These also double as extra seating if friends come around!

At Outdoor Furniture SuperStore not only do we have a great range of high quality items – we also have great prices.  You will be able to afford to really personalise your area and have peace of mind that your outdoor furniture will last the test of time in all conditions.


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