Types of Outdoor Chairs Materials

Outdoor chairs are an indispensable part of outdoor living furniture. It is important to make a good investment on outdoor chairs that are durable, sturdy and classy. Outdoor chairs come in a variety of materials including:

Plastic – Plastic outdoor chairs have almost zero maintenance. They are resistant to moisture and can sustain outdoor elements. Available at affordable prices, plastic chair can be found in a wide variety of colours. The main quality of plastic chairs is that it can be made to look like other materials. Also, plastic chairs are lightweight and can be easily stacked.

AluminiumAluminium outdoor chairs are also light in weight and thus can be stacked just like the plastic chairs. These chairs require low maintenance and can are resistant to rain, rust and moisture. Use of wax or oil can be beneficial for extra protection.

PE Wicker Outdoor ChairsWicker outdoor chairs are best to give your space a homely and stylish look. Wicker chairs are made of polyethylene material as such being able to create a natural rattan appearance and texture. These outdoor chairs do not fade away, crack and is resistant to any type of weather. Their maintenance is easy and quick.

Wrought iron chairs -Wrought iron chairs on the other side are prone to the elements. Being sturdy and durable, these types of outdoor chairs look more traditional and rustic. They are best to give your space an additional touch and are effective in decorating your space. They can transform your outdoor area.

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