When people pop into the store in the early stages of purchasing some outdoor furniture, many of them are still wondering whether they need the practicality and functionality of a dining setting, or the comfort and luxury of a lounge suite.

Both have positives – dining settings make it a breeze to have family and friends over for meals.  But lounge settings are so relaxing, and perfect for after-work drinks or long afternoons spent enjoying the fresh air.  

So what is right for you?

We love getting this question – because we have the best answer.  What if you didn’t have to choose?  What if there was a product that allowed you the best of both worlds? 

Introducing… the Mandalay 6 Piece Outdoor Casual Dining Setting!

This is a purchase so perfect – we cannot stop recommending it to our customers.

A quick glance at the Mandalay, and you know you have a very special product – the ultimate in smart design.  Straight away you can see its potential as a dining setting.  The Mandalay can easily fit seven people comfortably around an outdoor table, giving you all the benefits of a table and chairs approach to outdoor living.  BUT!  We challenge you to find outdoor chairs quite as comfortable as these!  Picture yourself, eating a hearty meal and then leaning back on your cushioned chair to enjoy the rest of that lovely glass of wine. 

The poly-wicker material means that this is light-weight and easy to move around.  You can move the chair or the table after the meal and move immediately into lounging mode.  The two ottomans can be chairs or footrests – you decide depending upon how many guests you have.

Poly wicker material is also a breeze to clean and hardy in even the toughest of weather conditions. 

We love this product so much, we offer a money back guarantee.

After 33 years experience in the Outdoor Furniture industry –we know something special when it comes along.  The Mandalay 6 Piece Outdoor Casual Dining Setting could be the perfect answer to your outdoor living needs.  Who needs to choose between a dining suite or a lounge?  With the Mandalay, you can have it all. 

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