At Outdoor Furniture SuperStore, we can’t stop raving about the benefits of Rattan Wicker Furniture.  And it’s not just us!  Plenty of satisfied customers are loving their Rattan Wicker suites too.

So just what makes Rattan Wicker furniture so good?

Well firstly, this is a really practical material to be making outdoor furniture with.  Rattan Wicker is made from the leaves of a jungle vine commonly found in South East Asia.  When these leaves are dried and steamed, they can be bent into a shape that is retained forever.  So it is both malleable and strong – making it ideal for outdoor furniture.  It can withstand all kinds of weather conditions – which means you can leave your outdoor table uncovered all year around and never have to worry about it.  Just give it a hose and a quick wipe every now and then with some mild detergent and Rattan Wicker furniture will look as good as new.  A premium car shampoo with that UV protectant will also further protect your investment. 

Best of all, you get all of this strength in a lightweight material.  Many other materials are hardy, but also heavy.  But with Rattan Wicker furniture, you can move the pieces about easily, making this kind of furniture the most versatile you can buy!

Read more about the practical benefits of Rattan Wicker Furniture here.

But beyond practicality – doesn’t Rattan Wicker Furniture just look good?  Can you believe that something this practical is also this stylish?

Check out our range of Outdoor Rattan Wicker furniture here.  It really is second to none in terms of style. Our range covers small sophisticated patio settings such as Eden Black Wicker Three Piece Setting, and larger dining settings for those who love entertaining family and friends outdoors.  The Manly Dining Setting is a great choice for entertainers.  Or if you just like to lounge around, the Bayside range will have you just as comfortable under your pergola as you are in your living room!

Rattan Wicker Furniture is the ultimate choice for those looking to balance practicality and style.  Come down to Outdoor Furniture SuperStore in Mitcham today and see the range for yourself.  Soon you will be raving about it too!

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