The Melbourne Cup long weekend is just around the corner!  It can be a difficult day to plan for if you are entertaining – you want to enjoy the chance to spend a beautiful Melbourne day off in the sun, but also be close enough to the television to check out all the races.  After all, it’s a bit of a tradition to place a few bets on the Cup.

So what you need is some quick outdoor entertaining ideas that you can offer in between each race!

Cup Hat Parade

It’s not only the ladies at Flemington who can make a splash with a hat on cup day.  How about a quick hat parade in the sun?  You can either come  to the party with your own Cup hat, or use your outdoor setting as a work station and have everyone construct their own – you just need a few craft supplies. Prizes could be for the most elegant or the most creative. 

Backyard Races

Why let the jockeys have all the glory? Run a few races in your backyard.  How long has it been since you did an egg and spoon race?  The three-legged race?  These are great activities to keep kids busy – and the young at heart as well!  If racing about isn’t your thing, sit back on the outdoor setting with a nice glass of champers and enjoy the spectacle.


Not into real gambling?  What about a quick Cup sweep?  Divide the number of horses in the cup by the number of friends and family at your Cup Day celebrations and see who ends up with the favourite.  The prize could be anything from a small pool of cash (gold coin donation perhaps?) to the last piece of chocolate cake. 


Don’t forget the food!  Sitting on the edge of your seat as the horses come round the final bend is a hungry business.  A barbecue and a few salads is an easy way to cater for all your guests.  The space between races is just enough for a quick meal outdoors.  Put the meat and salads in the centre of your outdoor table and let everyone serve themselves.

Outdoor entertaining is a breeze if you have a few fun ideas and the right outdoor setting.  You have just enough time to update this in time for Melbourne Cup Day if you head down to Outdoor Furniture Superstore in Mitcham this weekend.  We have a wide range of outdoor settings in a variety of styles and sizes – perfect for your next get together of family and friends.  We also have great accessories to spruce up your existing outdoor area – so come and take a look at the range.


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