Brisbane’s weather was made for enjoyment, which is why you should get out there as much as possible! At Outdoor Furniture Super Store, we supply comfortable outdoor furniture to tempt you outdoors whenever the sun’s shining. But Brisbane can enjoy some extremes in temperature as well, which is why we also supply quality, durable, weather-resistant furniture to withstand that baking northern sun.

 At Outdoor Furniture Super Store, we combine style with practicality in our range of affordable furniture pieces, including lounges and sofas and dining settings to complement the sun-drenched Queensland lifestyle.

We haven’t forgotten Brisbane’s outdoors culture! If you’ve got a Brisbane business, you’ll love our outdoor and bar settings to suit the tropical climate.

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Outdoor Styling Tips from Amy Darcy

Amy Darcy is a fellow Brisbanite, lawyer, socialite, traveller, healthy cook and more. She’s the creator of Eat Pray Workout, a lifestyle blog focusing on fun with friends, fitness and nourishing food.

How do you use furniture in your outdoor areas at home?
My husband and I have a small courtyard in the back and front of our townhouse. We have an outdoor set of furniture for both areas. The areas have become almost additional rooms to our little house. Our first set of furniture is a low lounge style chair set and matching glass coffee table. We love sitting here in the afternoon sun to catch up on each other’s days at work. Our other set of furniture is a table and 6 chairs for dinner party or brunch entertaining. The front courtyard has a nicer garden so we prefer to use that space when we have guests so we will swap the furniture around occasionally. View Outdoor Furniture Superstore’s range of outdoor dining settings here.

What is your preferred outdoor style?
My preferred style is modern but with natural hues, textures and tones. I love contrasting light woods (without glossy paint!) with iron and perhaps a splash of muted blues on my cushions. Essential to any outdoor area is great plants and you can pop to your local nursery for ideas of plants that will suit your preferred furniture style. Candles are essential too and make great table runners. I recommend getting some that are in nice holders (perhaps cane or a wooden candelabra) so they can still make an inviting atmosphere during the day too. View Outdoor Furniture Superstore’s range of modern outdoor furniture here.

What is your favourite way to entertain outdoors?
I love to cook (as you will no doubt see if you read the recipes page on my blog) so the flavour of food plays an important role for me in entertaining. I want to give my guests food that will nourish them, leave them feeling satisfied but not sick, and give their palate new flavours they have not previously experienced. Flavour is an excellent talking point between guests.

When entertaining with a bigger group of close friends, I’ve previously given them an invitation with a name on an envelope with letter paper inside. In the month leading up to the event they were asked to each write a letter of encouragement to the person named on the envelope that was with their invitation. The idea was to encourage each other to catch up on how life was really going before the dinner which flowed into super encouraging words to read after the dinner, and all the while bringing the group of friends closer together. I wasn’t sure how people would find it – frustrating or fun, but everyone loved it. You should try it!


Shop Our Selection of Outdoor Furniture Online

Browse our online store and have your goods delivered right to your home. If you’re not too sure what you’re after browse our popular categories below:

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