Hawaii 3pce Bench Setting – Outdoor Tables


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Hawaii 3 piece outdoor bench setting offers the perfect look for any outdoor area. The “Hawaii” outdoor bench setting comes with 1.4m Table , 2 benches and coffee table . This beautiful piece of outdoor furniture is made from durable poly-wicker that is UV stable and weatherproof and hand woven over a commercial quality, rustproof, powder-coated aluminium frame. “The Melton” is finished off with thick, luxurious outdoor grade cushions made from durable weatherproof acrylic fabric in a contemporary colour to suit all tastes and withstand the harsh Australian climate. Our outdoor lounge cushions are easily removable and fully dry cleanable.


Table: (W) 1.4m; (D) 0.80m; (H) 0.65m

Bench: (W) 1.2m; (D) 0.40m; (H) 0.40m


Castle Grey or Marina (Pictured)

Cushions: Taupe

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