Care and maintenance on a routine basis is essential to prolonging the life of your furniture.


Do not misuse the furniture, do not stand on, sit on arms, do not use in place of ladders.

SUNLIGHT and UV exposure

It is not recommended to have products exposed to sunlight and UV for long periods of time, this may cause issues with timber warping, PE wicker to become brittle and fabrics to fade.


Australian conditions are very harsh on fabrics and furnishings, our materials are UV stabilised and are suitable for outdoor use, they are not waterproof and will require some maintenance to keep them looking good. Cushions may develop mould if stored wet or left in constant wet conditions, it is best to remove cushions and store in a dry place for longer term storage. Please note that the warranty does not cover material fading or mould. Most cushions have zips to enable the covers to be taken off and washed *note hand wash only. (do not use dryer as it may shrink cover). For furniture with fabric coverings, it is best to brush gently to remove dirt and vacuum regularly.


PE Wicker should not be placed in direct sunlight or places with high UV exposure, doing so may cause the PE Wicker to fade and will shorten the life of the furniture. It is recommended to keep PE Wicker furniture covered when not in use. Basic maintenance only requires wiping down with soft brush or using a damp cloth to clean.


Aluminium frames are found on most of the support structure for outdoor furniture, Aluminium is a low maintenance product and requires only occasional cleaning with soft cloth and water or occasional brush.

When aluminium is exposed to water or moisture, and the wetness is trapped between covers, sheets or other materials with no airflow to remove it, the prolonged contact between water and metal causes a chemical reaction, resulting in a water stain. This can present as oxidation, white marks or dark stains, which develop very quickly. Most hardware to fix frame components together (screws, bolts etc) are steel so will be prone to rusting if allowed to retain moisture. This is not covered by Warranty

Do not use harsh abrasives to clean any metal surfaces. Clean with fresh, soapy water at least 3 monthly or more as necessary and dry after cleaning.

If accidentally bent out of shape, do not try to bend it back as it may damage the frame.

Do not stand on any part of the frame, they are designed for sitting on only.


Teak is an ideal timber for outdoor furniture, Teak has properties that enhance the longevity of the furniture.
Left without maintenance teak will change in appearance from the honey colour of new to a silver-grey colour, this does not affect the structure of the timber and if you prefer to keep the new ”honey” look then you can use a recommended Teak oil. Leave Teak furniture in the sun to help prevent growth of mould.


Timber furniture should be under cover it performs best out of direct sunlight, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can result in damage that is not covered by warranty. Do not put hot or wet items directly on the surface as they can mark the timber permanently. Tablecloths, table runners and coasters help protect timber surfaces from scratching and staining.

Plastic Wood (Polywood) furniture must be under cover and not to be in direct sunlight as this may cause warping, twisting, or fading, this is not covered by Warranty

Eucalyptus timber is susceptible to warping, twisting, and fading and must not be placed in direct sunlight, you must avoid using covers over Eucalyptus furniture as the trapped moisture may promote mould growth. This is not covered by Warranty


Travertine and stone are natural material and as such they will exhibit distinct patterns and marks in individual surfaces. There may be some colour variation this is normal and it a natural feature of the material.

Do not place hot object directly on the surface always use placemats or coasters, if there is a spill wipe it clean immediately

Natural stone is sealed from the factory as the surface material is porous, to avoid stains from spills (wine, coffee, oils etc) it is recommended to re seal the surface every 6-12 months.

Basic cleaning with a soft cloth and warm water is required never use abrasive or caustic cleaners as this will remove the sealer


Dekton is Cosentino’s innovative, ultra-compact and high-performance surface that offers endless design possibilities for outdoor and indoor spaces.


Ceramics provide a highly durable surface with low maintenance requirements.

Always use tablecloths, placemats or coasters to protect surface from stains, do not use surface as cutting board as this action will mark the surface. Do not drop heavy object onto the surface as this may cause breakage or cracking.

Clean only with soft cloth and clean water

Prolonged exposure to extreme weather conditions should be avoided, it is recommended to cover furniture when not in use


Glass tabletops are not recommended to be in direct sunlight or where temperatures may be above 35 degrees Celsius, please note this will void warranty for any glass product and or any product associated with the glass (such as tabletop).

Maintain the glass tabletop by using standard glass cleaner and soft cloth. Do not use harsh abrasives, do not use as a cutting board, avoid placing hot item directly on the glass, use placemats or coasters.

Glass is very fragile and handle the wrong way may cause the glass to break.